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A Visit to the Cinema

   Once I read an article about various kinds of entertainment. According to it TV, radio and cinema have made great changes in the entertainments with which people fill their free time.
   There was a time when people knew what to do to enjoy themselves: they played games, sang, played musical instruments, went out shooting. Nowadays we can get entertained by the TV, the radio, the theatre or the cinema. Cinema is available no matter where you live. You can always find the film you like among horror films, thrillers, westerns, detective, love, musical films or comedies.
   Not so long ago most people used to visit cinema every week. Often cinema houses were overcrowded. But at present video production has flooded the market and cinema became less popular.
   I don't go often to the cineme and my friends are not regular cinema-goers either. But if there is a film, which is a hit with the public, I do my best to watch it. The last film I saw was Hollywood remake of Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet". The action takes place in the modern world but all the rest is just like great Shakespeare had described: people, ancion, feelings. The original text was used in the film. And I have to mention that the music was great. I think the actors and the actresses did their best and looked great. I'll remember the film for a long time.
   1. What are some kinds of entertainment? .
   2. How did people entertain themselves when there was no TV, radio or cinema?
   3. What are some kinds of films?
   4. Did people use to go to the cinema often?
   5. Why are there less cinema-goers now?