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At Library. My School Library

   Libraries are very important in the life of all people. We can't buy all the books we want to read. That's why we take out books from libraries. A lot of people go to libraries on Saturdays. They have some time to spare, because Saturday is a day off. They bring their books to the library and go home taking new books.
   The librarians take books from the people who come in and give them some new books to choose for reading at home. In a book there is a little pocket and in this pocket there is a piece of paper. The librarian takes this piece of paper out of the pocket in the book. She fills it in, that is, puts the date on the piece of paper and on the right page of the book. Then she puts the piece of paper in the person's reading card. Speaking about libraries it is necessary to admit that Moscow holds the first place among all the other cities of the world for the number of its libraries. The largest library in the world is the State Lenin Library with an overall fund of 21 million various titles in 166 languages. It has 22 reading-rooms, special halls for scientific reference work, for children and youth, for current periodicals, reference books, manuscripts and for other purposes. The library has a book exchange service with 60 countries of the world.
   I enjoy reading books. And it doesn't matter what kind of book it is. It can be a collection of short stories, a book of poems or adventures. I equally enjoy them all. But there's one thing that matters. When I choose a book for reading, it shouldn't be dull but interesting. I used to get some of my books from my school library. I must admit our school library had a good stock of books and the librarian was always ready to help in one's choice of books. A great number of volumes filled the shelves. One could find there books of adventure stories, historical novels and tales that opened up panoramas of life and history of other countries, psychological novels, collections of short stories, the immortal classics.
   Our school library subscribed to several newspapers and magazines. They kept us well informed about the latest developments in this country and abroad, news in the spheres of science, art and literature.
   Though I attend libraries on a regular basis, I buy quite a lot of books too, particularly those that I read before and enjoyed reading. I like to have them in my room so that I can turn to them not only once but time and again. I derive an utmost pleasure from sitting in the room where my books are and even if I am not reading them, I like to look at the books on the shelves and to feel that I have my friends around me, friends that will never let you down, that will never betray you.
   1. Why do we take books from libraries?
   2. When do a lot of people go to libraries?
   3. Why do a lot of people go to libraries on Saturday?
   4. What do librarians do when people come to libraries?
   5. What is there in the pocket of a book?
   6. Which city holds the first place in the world for the number of books?
   7. What is the largest library of this country?
   8. What is the overall fund of the State Lenin Library?
   9. What halls are there in the Lenin Library?
   10. What books could one find in your school library?
   11. Did your school subscribe to any newspapers and magazines?
   12. Do you buy books?
   13. What do you derive an utmost pleasure from?

At Library. My School Library(2)

   Libraries make an important part of the world culture. There are infinite number of books in the world. We can not buy all the books we like and would like to read. When we have to write a report on some subject or to learn in details about some phenomenon there is no other way out for us but to use a library.
   There are a lot of reading-halls: special halls for scientific reference work, for current periodicals, for music and art, for foreign languages, and others I visited it several times but most often I take books from there.
   To enter the library one should have a reading card. A lot of people go to libraries on weekends. I like reading. What books do I like'? I can not read one and the same sort of literature for a long time. I prefer to alternate short stories with the novels, love stories with books on history, poems with plays. There is a not big library in my school. I must admit it is not bad at all. It is a big light room, very clean and cosy, on the first floor. There are a lot of bookcases and bookshelves there. You can find there books of adventure stories, historical novels, collection of short stories. Two very nice librarians can help you to find the book you need.
   Pupils go to the library to read and take books, to look through some new magazines and newspapers. Many teachers go to the school library too.
   1. Is there a library in your school?
   2. Do you like to read books?
   3. How often do you go to the library?
   4. What kind of books do you like to read?
   5. Why do a lot of people visit library on weekends?