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California Lifestyles

   Why do so many new ideas come from California? It must be something in the air. New lifestyles, new kinds of medicine, new religions, new house styles — so many new things come from California.
   Let's talk about bungalows, for example. A bungalow is a simple house of one storey with a yard around it. Bungalows first became popular in southern California around 1900. Thousands of them were built very quickly. The style travelled all over the U. S., and for a long time all bungalows were called "California bungalows".
   And now about the Spanish style of house. It's popular in many places now. But it started in California. The old Californian "Spanish Mission" houses have thick adobe wails and round roof tiles. They are cool and comfortable. Inside, there are tiles on the floor, and heavy wooden doors. Santa Barbara, a favourite Calif ornian vacation town, is famous for its Spanish architecture. The story began in 1925. A big earthquake destroyed many of the buildings. After this disaster, a woman called Pearl Chase worked hard to bring in new laws. All the buildings in Santa Barbara, she said, must be in the Spanish style, with white walls and red roofs. People agreed with her, and Santa Barbara today is one of the prettiest towns in the United States.
   Californians love the sun, and their houses show it. The old ranch houses of California copied the mission style. In the centre of the house was an open place, or "patio", with buildings on two or three sides. Californians liked the patio. They liked to live half inside and half outside. New houses today often have patios. People work, cook, sunbathe and talk to their friends on the patio.
   New modern houses all over the United States have copied the idea of the Californian patio. Some Californian ideas are not so easy to copy. Go up in an airplane, and look down at Los Angeles or San Diego. What are all those blue things next to the houses? That's right. They're swimming pools. Not many people outside California can pay for their own swimming pool in their own backyard.
   1. What new things come from California?
   2. When did bungalows first become popular?
   3. What is a favourite Californian vacation town?
   4. What was in the centre of the old ranch house of California?
   5. Why did Californians like the patio?
   6. What do people do on the patio?
   tile — черепица, кафель
   architecture — архитектура
   earthquake — землетрясение
   roof — крыша
   patio — внутренний дворик