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Choosing a Career

   Let me introduce myself. My name is Masha. I have left school this year. It is my dream to become a student of the English department. I want to study English, German and maybe French.
   Knowledge of a foreign language opens a new world for us. If you know a foreign language, you can speak with foreigners and it is a way to better understanding. If you know a foreign language you can read books in the original, and it is a way to better understanding of other people's nature and culture. In our country children study different foreign languages. At school I took up English. I read stories by English, American and Australian writers. It has become my habit to read English books in adapted form every day. I learn poems and do a lot of grammar exercises.
   Now I know I must work hard to master English. Studying the English language under the guidance of the University teachers I want to learn much about the history of words, their origin and usage in ancient times. For example; the word "window" is made of two very old Anglo-Saxon words, such as "wind* and "eye". The word "window" means "the wind's eye". It tells us of the time when a window was only a hole in the wall, and the wind used to come through it.
   When I finish my studies, I'll begin teaching in a secondary school. I think I'll enjoy the work greatly. Teaching is a noble profession. In modern times all kinds of specialists need foreign languages in their work — teachers, doctors, engineers and people in many other professions. If a specialist doesn't know a foreign language he can't use all the foreign books which he needs in his work. I want to teach my pupils to read English books in the original, so they won't depend on translations.
   I hope I've chosen the right profession.
   1. What is your dream?
   2. What opens a new world for us?
   3. What can you do if you know a foreign language?
   4. What is the origin of the word "window"?
   5. Why is teaching a noble profession?