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Great Britain and the USA: Life of Youth

   Our youth is mostly similar to the youth abroad in many aspects of life. Numerous youth organizations have been formed since the Second World War, uniting young people from all classes and sections of the population. In the USA exists a Young Republican Federation, Young Christian Association, some religious organizations for Jewish youth. Youth organization Green peace deals with the most urgent ecological problems of today's world. It protests against nuclear weapon test, sea and soil pollution, etc.
   Sport clubs are characteristic youth organizations in the US and UK. They unite people, who are interested in baseball, football, basketball, golf, etc. You can attend any club: from theater clubs to bird-watching clubs. Bird-watching clubs are very popular, especially in Great Britain.
   And at the age of 14 children have regular part-time job to earn some pocket money. Some young people work in their church organizations. They help elderly people or work in hospital.
   There are even some groups, where young people help released prisoners to start their life anew. Youth and youth movement over decades have become important factors in the life of both countries.
   1. What do you know about the youth movement abroad?
   2. What is the aim of sport clubs?
   3. What youth organizations of the USA do you know?
   4. How do interest clubs work?
   5. What is the main task of youth organization Green peace?
   to unite — объединять
   urgent — насущный
   nuclear weapon — ядерное оружие
   to deal with — заниматься чем-либо
   pollution — загрязнение