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Hobbies in UK and the USA

   Hobbies are & great British and American tradition. A hobby is a special interest or activity that you do in your time off. A "hobby" is usually something that a person does alone. But American (and British) families sometimes like to do things together too. Some American families have quite a lot of money to spend on their recreation. They can all enjoy their holiday home or their boat somewhere in the country away from it. Americans love to get out of town into the wild and many go for holidays or long weekends into the thirtyfive fabulous national parks. Some people have animals as hobbies. They keep rabbits or go fishing. They train dogs to do tricks or keep pigeons to race and carry messages. Some are crazy about plants.
   Others are mad about their car or their motorbike. They spend their Saturdays and Sundays washing them and painting them. But Americans do not only spend their free time having fun. Children and teenagers are great collectors. Millions take part-time courses in writing, painting and music and at the weekends the museums, art galleries and concert halls are full. Everyone in these countries is very interested in culture.
   1. What is hobby?
   2. Do American families spend their free time together?
   3. Some people have animals as hobbies, haven't they?
   4. What do the teenagers do?
   5. Is everyone in these countries very interested in culture?
   recreation — развлечение
   wild — глушь
   pigeon — голубь