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I Want to be a Doctor

   There are many interesting and noble professions. I want to be a doctor. It is an interesting profession. I understand that it is necessary to study a lot to become a doctor. I also understand that this profession requires great responsibility because it deals with the most precious thing that a person has — with his health.
   My mother and my grandfather are doctors. My grandfather is working as a surgeon in a hospital. I have been several times at the hospital and spent some time watching him working. His main task is to operate on the people. After each operation he takes care of patients until they are recovered.
   He listens very attentively to what his patients tell him. He is always kind and attentive to his patients. They feel it and believe him, and it makes his work easier. I know that he wants to see all his patients able — bodied and I notice that he is happy when his patient is recovered.
   My grandfather can also help if somebody catches a cold or has a fever. My grandfather told me a lot of true stories about doctors and their profession.
   I love and respect my grandfather and want to become a doctor as well.
   1. Is it necessary to study to become a doctor?
   2. Is profession of a doctor connected with a great responsibility? Why?
   3. Have you seen a doctor working?
   4. In your opinion, must a doctor be a kind and attentive person?
   5. What do you think, is it pleasant to see a person healthy again?
   6. What else do you know about doctors and their profession?