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   Ireland is an island on the west side of Europe. The capital of Ireland is Dublin. There are about 5 million people in the Republic of Ireland. It is a small country but a lot of people know about it. In many countries there are Irish priests and nuns.
   People left Ireland to find work in those countries and they stayed there. All over the world there are people with Irish blood.
   The country is in two parts. The larger part, the Republic of Ireland, is in the south. The smaller part of Ireland, Northern Ireland, is part of the United Kingdom and its big city is Belfast. Like a lot of other countries, Ireland had sad and difficult times, but it had good times too.
   The Irish are kind and polite people, they welcome strangers. The Irish love to talk. Ireland is a beautiful country with fine lakes, tall mountains and attractive beaches. It has two great rivers. It is a very green country. It is green partly because it rains too much.
   Ireland is a country of good butter, good beer and good horses. People come from all over the world to buy Irish horses, from Europe, from America, from Arab countries and from the Far East. Ireland also has its manufacturing industry.
   1. Where is Ireland situated?
   2. What is the population of this country?
   3. Why did people leave Ireland?
   4. What parts does it consist of?
   5. Ireland has its own manufacturing industry, hasn't it?