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John Galsworthy

   Popular American writer John Galsworthy was born in 1853. He attended a big school because his father wanted John to be a lawyer. So John went to the Oxford University. But some time later he told his father about his wish to become a writer. His favourite writer was Turgenev and also he liked all books by Tolstoy. His literally career began at the age of seventeen while he studied at the Oxford University. His works established him as one of American's leading author. John Galsworthy wrote some scientific books and articles as "All about writer" 1908, "Thinking about art" 1911, "The art and the war" 1915. All of them are about art in our life.
   "The Forsyte Saga" was published in 1922 in May. It is the most famous work by John Galsworthy. From this novel we get to know about the Forsyte family. The main character is Miss Forsyte. When she was a little girl her mother died and her father had run away with foreign girl. The Forsyte family wasn't very friendly but they tried to help each other with problems.
   "The Forsyte Saga" was the best work by John Galsworthy. "It was the happiest day in my life", said John to his friensd some time later. But it was very difficult for him to write this novel because he was from "Forsyte" family. "Old Jolyon", for example, was his father.
   1. Was John Galsworthy popular American or English writer?
   2. What university did he attend?
   3. What was John's favourite writer?
   4. What is the most famous work by John Galsworthy?
   5. Why it was difficult for him to write this novel?
   to attend — посещать
   lawyer — адвокат
   career — карьера