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My Favorite Literary Character

   My favourite literary character is Elisa Doolittle. Elisa is the main character of Bernard Shaw's famous comedy "Pygmalion". Elisa is eighteen, she has a strong Cockney accent. She comes from the lowest social level. She makes money by selling flowers in the streets of London.
   Once Elisa meets Henry Higgins, a professor of phonetics. Elisa and Higgins begin to work hard at the girl's pronunciation and manners. Higgins makes an agreement with his friend Pickering that he will pass Elisa off as a duchess in six months. At last, before six months are over, she is well prepared to be introduced into society. Pickering and Higgins take her to a dinner party and the Queens dancing party.
   Everything is good and professor wins his bet. But what is to become of poor girl now when the game is over? She has acquired some culture and she wants to do useful work. Anyway, she can't sell flowers in the streets again. She wants her share of respect and independence.
   I like Elisa's quick wit, sense of humour and moral strength. The character of this girl shows how much force and talent lies undeveloped in common people. Elisa, thank to her mind and abilities, reaches a lot in life. And eventually people get to appreciate her.
   1. What is your favourite literary character?
   2. Who is the author of "Pygmalion"?
   3. Elisa Doolittle is the main hero of the comedy, doesn't she?
   4. Who helped Elisa with her pronunciation?
   5. Do you like Eliza's character?