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My Favourite TV Programme

   Many people watch TV at leisure. One can choose the programme one likes best. Those who like music can listen to various concerts. Sport fans can watch football or hockey matches. Television extends our knowledge about the world in which we live. Millions of people can see different lands, new plants, unusual animals and birds, mountains and valleys.
   My favourite TV programme is one made by Dmitriy Krylov. It is a weekly programme. It is broadcast on Sunday. This programme is very popular in our country. They show many historical places, tell interesting facts about different countries and cities, broadcast interviews with famous people. I like this programme and try not to miss it.
   I prefer to watch youth programmes such as "While Everybody's at Home" on Sunday and "The Morning Star". In addition I like to see interesting films. They might be feature, adventure, scientific, horror, cartoon and other films. I enjoy seeing Walt Disney's cartoons.
   Now and then I like to see cognitive programmes: "What? Where? When?", "Brain-ring" They are enjoyable and entertaining programmes.