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My Friend

   I have a lot of friends. Most of them are my former schoolmates. But my bosom friend is Lena. She is 16. Lena isn't very tall, but she is pretty in her own way. She has red curly hair and a turn-up nose. Lena wears spectacles and when spring comes there are plenty of freckles on her cheeks, forehead and nose. But all that doesn't make her plain or ugly. I like Lena because she is well-bred, jolly and kind. She does well at school though she has an unbreakable rule: never to study at night no matter how many written reviews are coming in the morning.
   She is also fond of reading plain books, and Lena sometimes thinks that one book isn't enough to read, she has two pr three books going at once. My friend has a lot of books at home, and she buys them wherever she goes. She says that the books are of great help any time and they always must be at her hand. Her idea is that it's much easier to have a library of her own comprising lots of books than to try keeping everything in her head.
   Lena goes in for sports and she is a member of our school basket-ball team. She is terribly quick and strong. It's a pleasure to watch her playing basket-ball: while others are hopping about in the air she always gets under their feet and grabs the ball.
   I don't like people who are bored at everything and who never make the slightest effort to be pleasant. That's why my friend is Lena, the most amusing person in the world. She thinks everything is funny — even flunking an exam.
   Lena is a sunny soul by nature and always takes the slightest excuse to be amused. My friend has an imagination and her own style. Usually she writes nice compositions and once even won short-story contest that our school wallpaper holds every year.
   Lena and me are good friends. We help each other a lot and try not to quarrel. But when sometimes it comes to quarreling we try to make it up at once.
   1. How old is Lena?
   2. Does she wear spectacles? Describe юг appearance.
   3. Does she do well at school?
   4. What unbreakable rule has she?
   5. What books is she fond of reading?
   6. Does Lena go in for sports?
   7. Is she a member of the school basket-ball team?
   8. Why is it a pleasure to watch her playing basket-ball?
   9. Is Lena a sunny soul by nature? What makes you think so?
   10. Has she an imagination? Prove it. Some famous London squares and some of their present occupiers:
   Belgrave Square - Embassies/Consulates
   St James's Square - Government departments/Research Institute/Library
   Gordon Square - London University
   I think that London is very interesting city for almost everyone.If someone go there he willhave a good time.