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My Going to the Cinema

   When I want to go to the cinema, I usually see in the programme what films are on. Then I phone my friends and we discuss what films to see.
   We prefer feature films but also enjoy cartoons and popular science films. To see a good love story, musical or detective film is a very pleasant way of spending free time. If I want to go to an evening show, I usually book tickets in advance. But for matinee performances I always buy tickets just before the show.
   There are many talented actors and actresses in our country. My favourite actor is 0. Yankovskyi. My favourite actress is N. Gundareva. They played the leading parts in many films and I always enjoy their superb acting.
   The last film I saw was the screen version of the novel "Gone with the Wind" by M. Mitchell. This film is in colour. It's an old film but still it enjoys great popularity. There are many famous American actors in it with Vivien Leigh and Clark Gable in the leads. I was deeply impressed by their acting and the film itself.
   1. What do you usually do when you want to go to the cinema?
   2. What do you discuss with your friends?
   3. When do you buy tickets in advance?
   4. What impressed you most?