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My Mother's Birthday

   Last month my mother had her birthday. My father decided to throw a surprise party for her. Two weeks, before the event he booked a room in my mother's favourite cafe. And then my father began to invite our relatives and friends. Of course, that was a great secret. It was sometimes difficult to keep mother from suspecting anything. It was also difficult to make some people understand that it was to be a surprise. For example, the only time he could ring mother's parents was when she happened to be in the house. However, she didn't suspect anything and her parents didn't said a word about the invitation.
   Two weeks such secret planning was more than father could stand. He was glad when that day arrived but nervous in case something went wrong. He had told mother that they would just go shopping. She agreed as she didn't often make a big fuss of her birthday. My father had bought her a beautiful dress and she wore it when they went out. They wandered along the river and then around the shops. It was a lovely day and many people were out. Father was very nervous, because if mother guesses his surprise will be ruined.
   Eventually it was time for my father to suggest having a meal at their favourite cafe. It would be his treat as a kind of birthday present. Mother readily agreed. Great was my mother's surprise when she saw her sister-in-law's car parked outside the cafe and greater when in the foyer she saw ray brother and me, though we had to be at the university. What a crowd of people she found inside ready to wish her a happy birthday. My mother was very happy!
   1. When do your parents have their birthdays?
   2. Describe the way you celebrate birthdays.
   3. Have you ever made surprise parties for your relatives?
   4. Did they suspect anything?
   5. What do you usually present your relatives?