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My Usual Shopping Round

   We go shopping every day. The other day my mother took me on a usual shopping round. We went to the grocer's and greengrocer's as we had run out of sugar and onions.
   At the greengrocer's there was a long queue. But we had nothing to do but stand in the queue if we wanted to get to the counter and have some onions. The shop-girl weighed us half a kilo of onions, we thanked her and went out. Then we made our way to the grocer's where we bought a kilo of sugar and some sausage. We were about to go home as my mother suddenly remembered we had hardly any bread in the house. We dropped in at the baker's and bought a loaf of brown bread, some rolls and buns. On our way home the mother decided to call at a commercial shop. She was looking for a present to my father — as it was his birthday soon.
   As soon as we entered the shop, we found ourselves in a fantastic motley city of silk skirts and shirts, woolen pullovers, frocks and leather boots and shoes. The smiling girl met us at the counter. My mother said she wanted to buy a size 50 shirt of a dark-blue colour. The girl suggested looking at a dark-blue cotton shirt with short sleeves. The shirt was the latest fashion and we were sure the father would like it.
   We paid the money at the cash-desk. The cashier gave us a receipt and with it we came up to the shop-assistant. She passed us a wrapped parcel with the shirt, thanked us and added they were always glad to see us at their shop and we happy and a bit excited went out of the shop.
   1. Do we go shopping every day?
   2. Where did you go?
   3. What did you buy at the greengrocer's?
   4. Was the queue long there?
   5. Where did you buy a kilo of sugar and some sausage?
   6. What did your mother decide to do?
   7. What did you see at the commercial shop?
   8. What did you buy there?
   9. What did the cashier give you?
   10. Why were you happy and a bit excited as you went out of the shop?