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My preferences of meals

   I like to eat smth tasty but it isn’t healthy when I want to keep feet. That’s why I must eat healthy meal to be healthy. In the morning I usually don’t want to eat but I have to and I even make myself to eat smth to improve my mental faculties. I usually like to eat cooked semolina or I sometimes eat cheese sandwich with a cup of tea and very rarely with coffee. By the way ,I like to drink whit coffee. In the afternoon after school I’m usually very hungry because I don’t like to eat in school canteen (dining-hall). There are only rolls and the other dishes are very unappetizing and very pour. So when I came home my mother usually cook me smth tasty if she isn’t at work. It can be a beef steak with macaroni or with boiled potatoes with gravy and soup. And she likes very much to cook me a salad. It’s different almost every time. It’s made from cabbage and carrot and with dressing of lemon juice, sugar and salt. I think it’s very tasty. And I also like a salad which is very simple. It’s made of tomatoes, cucumbers and greens with dressing of mayonnaise. I usually like to eat meat : beef and pork and I like to eat roast chicken. In the evening I prefer to eat smth low-calorie. For example, I always drink a glass of kefir.
   On weekends my mother usually cooks pancakes or cheese cakes. And on holiday she can make a pie with strawberries. I like it very much. And I usually eat red caviar with brown bread and butter. I also like to eat fruit. They are apples, pineapples, tangerines, grapes, peaches, oranges. And especially I like mango because it’s very health-giving and very sweet and tasty.

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