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   O'Henry was born in Greensboro, a little town in North Carolina in 1862. His real name was William Sydney Porter The works of this writer reflect a specific period in American literature — the turn of the century. His credo was — art should be true, democratic and it should address contemporary life and embrace all aspects of life.
   O'Henry was an outstanding humourist. He worked out and enriched all the types of the short story: the anecdote, the adventure story, tales and sketches. The best of his works were published in books: "Cabbages and Kings", "The Four Million", "Heart of the West", "The Voice of the City" and others. He was most famous for his stories of city Me. O'Henry wrote nearly 150 stories with a New York background. His works have considerable influence on American literature. His love for humanity, for the common people, his critical attitude towards injustice attract readers to this day. O'Henry could work out a plot that would keep the reader in suspense up to the surprising end.
   He was a born writer of great talent. The conversation is witty, humorous and often exact and precise. O'Henry is one of the most widely published American authors. His works have been translated into nearly every language. He has been called "The American Maupassant" and is ranked among the world's outstanding short-story writers.
   1. When was O'Henry born?
   2. What was his real name?
   3. What was O'Henry's credo?
   4. Was O'Henry a born writer of great talent?
   5. Name the best of his published books.
   contemporary — современный
   sketch — очерк
   witty — остроумный
   precise — точный
   to be ranked — состоять
   injustice — несправедливость
   suspense — ожидание