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Other English-speaking Countries

   I'd like to tell you about another countries, where English is the official language. At first, it's the USA. After 350 years of development the United States of America still holds the leading position in the western world. The USA is the most powerful and highly developed country in the world. What makes the USA the leader of the western world is its economical, political and military dominiance over other countries.
   Canada is the second largest country in the world. Only Russia has a greater land area. Canada is situated in North America. About 28 million people live in Canada. Canada is an independent nation. But according to the Constitution Act of 1982 British Monarch, Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom is recognized as Queen of Canada. Canada's people are varied. About 57% of all Canadians have some English ancestry. Both English and French are official languages of the country. Other large ethnic groups are German, Irish and Scottish people.
   Australia is the only country in the world that is also a continent. It's the sixth large country and the smallest continent. The country's official name is Commonwealth of Australia. The Commonwealth of Australia is a federation of states. Australia has six states and two territories.
   Australia is a constitutional monarchy like Great Britain. The Britain monarch, Queen Elizabeth II is also queen of Australia and country's head of state. But the queen has little power in the Australian government.
   New Zealand is an island country in the Southwest Pacific Ocean. New Zealand belongs to a large island group called Polynesia. The country is situated on two main islands — the North Island and the South Island.
   Wellington is the capital of New Zealand. English is the official language of New Zealand and is spoken throughout the country.
   New Zealand is a constitutional monarchy. The British Monarch, Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom, is the monarch of New Zealand. Britain gave New Zealand a constitution in 1852.
   New Zealand has one of the highest standard of living in the world. New Zealand's economy depends on trade with many countries — Australia, Britain and the USA.
   1. What English-speaking countries do you know?
   2. What is the second largest country in the world?
   3. What makes the USA the leader of western world?
   4. What's the full name of Australia?
   5. When did Britain give New Zealand a constitution?