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School Life

   I am a pupil of the 11-th form, I study at school number 9. I would like to tell your about our school life. I go to school five days a week. Our classes start at 8 o'clock a. m. and last till 3 o'clock p.m. So we have 6 or 7 lessons a day. We study many different subjects: Russian, English, French, literatures, history, geography, biology, physics, chemistry, mathematics, programming and computer sciences. Languages, literature and history are my favourite subjects. I make good marks in these subjects. The school year is divided into four terms, called quarters.
   It begins on the 1st of September known as a Day of knowledge and finishes in May. Each quarter is followed by holidays. Every pupil has a day-book where the teachers put down the marks, that pupil has earned at the class. During the classes pupils are to answer the teacher's questions, do some exercises, write sentences, count, read.
   The pupils are often called to the blackboard. After every lesson the teachers give us home assignment. At the next lesson the teachers check them up.
   To do good at school one should make home assignments regularly, be active at the lessons and spend at least two-three hours every day studying. I like studying.
   My favourite proverb is "Live and learn".
   1. What school do you study at?
   2. What time do the lessons begin?
   3. What subjects do you study at school?
   4. What are your favourite subjects?
   5. How many lessons a day have you got?
   6. Do you regularly make the home assignments?
   to last — продолжаться
   programming — программирование
   computer science — информатика
   favourite — любимый
   to divide — разделять
   quarter — четверть
   day-book — дневник
   to earn a mark for the answer — получать оценку
   home assignment — домашнее задание
   to check up — проверять
   regularly — регулярно
   proverb — пословица
   live and learn — век живи, век учись