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Schools Abroad

   In Britain all children from five to sixteen go to school. They spend six years in "primary" school and then go on to "secondary" school. In Britain there are "state" schools, which are free and private schools for which parents pay. Many British private schools are "boarding" schools. The children there usually wear uniforms. They stay at school all the time and only come home in the holidays.
   In America all children from six to sixteen go to school. They spend six years in "elementary" school and four or six years in "secondary" or "high" school. At the end of every school year the child takes a test. If he doesn't do well, he has to repeat the material once more. If he does well he goes into the next class. School education is free. Some schools have modern teaching equipment like computers. But there are also small country schools with just one classroom.
   At the end of their time at school, most students get a high school diploma. If they want to go on to college,they take college admission tests. Teaching in both countries is usually quite informal. Students often work together in groups and go to the teacher only when they do need help.
   1. When do British children go to school?
   2. Are there any free schools in Britain?
   3. At what schools do British children wear uniforms?
   4. What can you tell about education in America?
   5. Teaching in both countries is very informal, isn't it?
   free — бесплатный
   equipment — оборудование
   admission test —вступительный тест
   primary (elementary) school — начальная школа
   secondary school — средняя школа
   bearding school — пансион