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Star Signs

   There are 12 star sings. And people who belong to the definite sign have their own character, habits and manners. So if you were born under the sign of Aquarius (21st January — 18th February) you like to be free. You have original ideas. Some of your ideas are crazy! Pisces (19th February — 20th March) are friendly and kind. They are good at art and they love music. They often lose things and forget the time. Aries (21th March — 20th April) like jokes, parties and loud music. They are good at sport. They don't often ask for advice. Sometimes they're a bit selfish. The people who are born under the sign of Taurus (21st April — 21st May) work hard. They are very practical and helpful. They don't like changes. They like food!
    If you're Gemini (22nd May — 21st June) you love surprises. You like chatting with your friends. You do a lot of things at once. Cancer (22nd June — 22nd July) seems strong and selfish. But really he's soft and sensitive. One minute he's happy, the next minute he feels bad. Leos (23rd July — 23rd August) are leaders. They want to be rich and important one day. They love expensive things. Virgo (24th August — 22nd September) always works hard. She chooses her friends carefully because they have to be perfect!
   If you're Libra (23rd September — 23rd October) people like you because you always say nice things. You hate fights. You want everyone to be happy. You're a bit lazy. People who were born under the sign of Scorpio (24th October — 22nd November) are very strong persons. They always get what they want. They're very good friends. If you are Sagittarius (23rd November — 21st December) you are friendly. You spend money like water. You always tell the truth. Sometimes this can hurt your friends feelings. Capricorns (22nd December — 20th January) are quiet and serious. They work hard. Their friends like them because they never do stupid things.
   1. How many star signs are there in a year?
   2. Do people belonging to a definite star sign have their own character and habits?
   3. What is your star sign?
   4. What do you know about your sign?
   5. Do you believe in horoscopes?