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Teacher of English

   It is not easy to decide what profession to choose. Usually, pupils' plans for the future change many times during the school years. There are so many people who influence you in choosing your occupation. Parents and friends play a very important role in your choice. Teachers' influence on pupils' minds is also great.
   My favourite subject is English. And I think this is my teacher who made it so. I understand the importance of knowledge of a foreign language. It enables people from different countries to communicate with each other, to read foreign literature in the original, to broaden their outlooks. So I decided for myself to become a teacher of English. Of course, I know that it is not easy and takes much patience and effort. A teacher has to know how to teach, how to make difficult things understandable, how to get students interested in the subject.
   And of course a teacher ought to have perfect knowledge of his subject. I think the ideal teacher is the one who can combine all these. My present teacher is just like this. She is a great specialist and also a nice personality. I hope in future I can become as good teacher as she is.
   1. Is it easy to choose a profession?
   2. Does anyone influence a person in choosing a profession?
   3. Why is knowledge of a foreign language important?
   4. What kind of person can be a teacher?
   5. What should a good teacher know?