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The Best Film I Have Ever Seen

   Lots of people find watching films one of the best ways of spending their leisure time. Due to numerous video facilities, which have emerged in this country over the past years, we have a chance to watch the most popular and new films. Sitting in a comfortable armchair one can enjoy watching detective stories and westerns, horror films or screen versions of books.
   As for me, I am like all my friends always impressed by films screened after a book. Moreover, I find it enjoyable to reread the book which I don't remember very well to be able to compare it with the screen version. The film "Emma" with Gwyneth Paltrow as a leading actress is the screen version of the book written by the popular English woman-writer Jane Austene in 1816. Although many books of Jane Austene are about finding the perfect husband, she never married. She lived most of her life with her mother and sister. The plot of this film tells us about a very attractive and clever woman. Emma decides that she wants to help people to have a life that is as perfect as hers. When she meets Harriet who is not as bright as she is and not as cultured as she is, Emma decides to try to improve her and help her find love. Harriet is admired by Robert Martin, a local farmer. Harriet likes him too but Emma does not think he is good enough for her and tells her to reject him.
   Emma tries to match Harriet with someone else called Mr. Elton who is the local vicar. Unfortunately, the vicar does not fall in love with Harriet. He falls in love with Emma instead. Emma angrily rejects him. Emma is not always perfect. She often makes mistakes. One of the most memorable scenes in the film occurs at a picnic. Emma is irritated by a woman who is very boring so she tells her how boring she is.
   During the film, Emma argues a lot with Mr. Knightley but then she discovers that she is in love with him. Unfortunately, she is not the only one. Harriet is in love with him too. Luckily, the story ends happily for everyone. The film is very amusing. My dream now is to read this book in the original, that is, in English.
   1. What is one of the best way of spending our leisure time?
   2. What are many books of Jane Austene about?
   3. What does the plot of the film "Emma" tell us about?
   4. Why is the film "Emma" amusing?