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The Irish Language and Literature

   The Irish have their own language It comes from their Celtic history. But today nearly all Irish people speak English. The Irish speak English in their own special way. Foreigners don't easily understand an Irish accent, but it is strong and musical, and many people think that it is very attractive. Many fine writers have come from Ireland. Some, like James Joyce, have helped the world to know Ireland better. This writer was writing at the beginning of 19th century, when Ireland was on the road to independence. James Joyce was the first of ten children. He went to school and college in Dublin, but when he was still a young man he went to live in Paris. For many years of his life he was in Paris, Italy and Switzerland. In his first book he wrote short stories about his time as a boy in Dublin.
   But there are some famous Irish writers like Oscar Wilde and G. B. Shaw who didn't write about Ireland. G. B. Shaw was also born in Dublin and also wrote palys. Shaw was a very witty man, but he was above all a thinker. He wanted to change the things that were wrong in the world. He disliked the things that were false. At one time people thought that Shaw was a second William Shakespeare. Today not many people think that but a lot of people go to see his plays.
   Oscar Wilde was born in Dublin. He went to Trinity College and later to Oxford University. Wilde wrote novels and poetry but people remember his plays. Most of his plays are comedies.
   1. Have the Irish their own language?
   2. The Irish have an accent, haven't they?
   3. Who was James Joyce?
   4. Did G. B. Shaw write about Ireland?
   5. Who was a second William Shakespeare?