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Virtual Reality

   Not long ago computers were considered an amazing invention. Today they form part of our everyday lives. The latest thing today is Virtual Reality. A Virtual Reality system can transport the user to exotic locations such as a beach in Hawaii or the inside of the human body.
   The Virtual Reality system is still in the early stages of its development. At the moment it is necessary to put a large helmet on your head to see the simulated world and you have to wear a special glove on your hand in order to manipulate the objects you see there. Lenses and two miniature display screens inside the helmet create the illusion that the screen surrounds you on every side. You can "look behind" computer — generated objects, pick them up and examine them, walk around and see things from a different angle
   Already today Virtual Reality is used in medicine. In hospitals, surgeons could plan operations by first "travelling" through the brain, heart or lungs without damaging the body It is also used in police training schools. In schools pupils could explore the Great Pyramid or study molecules from the inside. Developers of Virtual Reality say its potential is powerful.
   The word which comes closest to describing Virtual Reality is "simulator". Virtual Reality technology resembles the flight simulators that are used to train pilots. But of course there are dangers as well as benefits. In the wrong hands Virtual Reality can be used for power fantasies and pornography.
   1. What is Virtual Reality?
   2. Why do you need to wear helmet and special glove?
   3. What are the possible uses of Virtual Reality?
   4. What are some of the disadvantages of Virtual Reality?
   5. Do you think Virtual Reality is an important invention or not?