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Learning foreign languages

   It is necessary to learn foreign languages. That's why pupils have got such subject as a foreign language at school. Everybody knows his own language, but it is useful to know foreign languages. I learn English, because I understand that I can use it. For example, if I go to England I'll be able to speak English there. If I go to the USA, I'll speak English too. English is used not only in England, but also in other parts of the world. I learn English because I want to read foreign literature in the original. I know and like such English and American writers as Charles Dickens, Mark Twain, Lewis Carroll and others. I understand that I must learn English. If I know English well, I'll be able to go to the library and take books by English and American writers in the original. I like to travel. But it is difficult to visit countries, when you don't know the language of these countries. If I know the language of the country, where I am going to, it will be easy to travel there. If I want to ask something, I can do it in English. I like to read books. And I like to read newspapers, too. If I know, for example, English I'll be able to read English newspapers and magazines. Knowledge of foreign languages helps young people of different countries to understand each other, to develop friendship among them. For example, we have a foreign exhibition in Moscow. If I know a foreign language, it is easy for me to visit this exhibition. You can see a lot of advertisements, signboards, names in the streets. They are in foreign languages. Very often they are in English. If you know English, you can read and understand them. Now we buy many clothes from other countries If you know English well, you can read something about the size of this or that thing. It is clear for you what it is made of. There are a lot of films in foreign languages. If you know foreign languages, you can understand films without any help. There are international friendship camps in the world. If you can speak foreign languages, it will be easy for you to visit such camps and speak with the boys, girls, men even they don't know Russian. In short, I understand that I have to learn English in a proper way and I try to do it. Today it is quite evident that everyone should know at least one foreign language.
    Knowing one or more foreign languages makes it possible to get acquainted with different ways of thinking, to understand a new civilization. Learning a foreign languages stimulated mental abilities and gives you a chance to appreciate a new literature, a different culture and to broaden your horizons.
    Besides, knowing foreign languages has a practical value. It makes it easier to choose a profession and provides job promotion. It helps to improve the quality of your work, because it reduces the time lost on obtaining the necessary information. At present many professions, such as a pilot, a doctor, an engineer, a cosmonaut and many others, require a working knowledge of at least one foreign language. This is most commonly English, German, French or Spanish.
    Languages are meant to be spoken, not simply to be conjugated or analyzed. That's why it is interesting to learn, to understand English and speak it. If you don't know any language, you will not speak with any of foreign boys or girls.
    As for me, I am learning English, because in the recent years it has become not only an international language, it is now a number one language in the world. Besides, English is becoming a lingua franca. It is used a great deal by businessmen from different countries, which don't have a common language, in order to do business. It is already a lingua franca at international conferences. Besides, every person who travels in Europe, Asia or Africa, even in the South America gets around by using English. So English is becoming more and more the language for practical use.
    English has become the world's most important language in politics, science, trade and cultural relations, aviation, international sport and music.