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My Room

   Wе live in three-room flat. The room I like best in our flat is mine. I use my room as a study and a bedroom. It is very nice and cosy. There isn't much furniture in it, only the most necessary pieces. The built-in furniture doesn't take much space in the room. On the left there is my bed and desk. The desk has a lot of drawers where I keep my text-books, notes, pens, pencils and other necessary things. On the right there is a sofa and a built-in wardrobe. In the right corner there is a comfortable arm-chair. Beside it stands a lamp with blue shade. I like to turn on the lamp, sit in the arm-chair and read an interesting book. There are some shelves with books in my room. You can see Russion and English books there. There is a big thick carpet on the floor. There are some posters with my favourite singers on the wall. I like my room very much. When my friends come to visit me, I invite them into my room. My room is a nice place for both rest and work.
 1. Do you like your room?
 2. Is your room small?
 3. Is there much furniture in it?
 4. What is there in the right corner?
 5. Do you have any bookshelves?

My Room(2)

   My family lives in a three-room flat of a typical block of flats with a lift and rubbish chute. Our flat is on the sixth floor. As you enter the flat you find yourself in a small hall and from there you can go to the living room, my parents' bedroom and my room.
   I use my room as a study and a bedroom. My room is very tiny but still it's rather cosy and has its advantages. The only window in my room looks out on the park. The walls are papered in a design of white and silver stripes, and the curtains on the window match the wallpaper. The built-in furniture doesn't take much space in the room. On the left, there is a built-in wardrobe and a sofa, next to it — a writing table. The table has got many drawers and I keep there my text-books, notes, lead and coloured pencils, felt-pens, biros, refills, pencil-cases, pencil-sharpeners, booklets, posters, pads and other necessary knick-knacks, as my mother is used to say. In the right corner beside the writing table there's a standard lamp with a pink silk shade and a comfortable arm-chair.
   I like to sit in it muffling myself into a plaid and read a thrilling book. Opposite the wardrobe there is a bookcase full of books newspapers, journals, magazines. The floor in my room is parquet, that's why there is neither a carpet nor a rug on it. There are a lot of flowers in my room; they are everywhere — on the window-sill, on the walls and on the bookcase. I take care of the flowers, water them, plant them out, cut dead ij leaves, and once a month I take them to the bathroom and scour them.
   My room is a nice place for both rest and work.