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My week-day

   I get up at a quarter to seven. I jump out of bed, switch on the radio and do my morning exercises to the radio music. Then I go to the bathroom, wash myself and clean my teeth with, a tooth-brush. This does not take me much time, not more than ten or fifteen minutes. Then I dress and sit down to table to have my breakfast. I usually have a cup of tea or coffee, an egg and bread and butter. After breakfast I go to the technical school. As I live far away, I go by bus or by metro. It takes me more time to go by bus. If I have little time, I go by metro. My lessons begin at 9 o'clock. We have six lessons every day. At a quarter to one we have a lunch hour. As I cannot get home for lunch, I take it at the diningroom of our technical school. For lunch I have meat or fish with potatoes and a cup of strong tea or coffee with a pie. At ten minutes to three the lessons are over, and I go home. When I get home from the technical school, I have dinner. My dinner usually consists of three courses. For the first course I have some soup, then some meat or fish. For dessert I have stewed fruit or ice-cream. After dinner I help my mother to wash up the dishes. Then I do my lessons. This usually takes me about two hours. At eight or nine о'clock I have supper. I have some salad, a slice of sausage and bread, sour milk or cereal. In the evening I listen to the radio or watch TV. If the programme is not interesting, I go to the cinema or to the theatre. Sometimes, I go for a walk with my friends. We talk about different things and usually have a good time. At 11 o'clock I go to bed.
 1. When do you get up?
 2. What do you do in the bathroom?
 3. What do you have for breakfast?
 4. When do you get home after classes?
 5. When do you go to bed?
 6. What do you do after dinner?
 7. What do you have for dessert?
 8. What do you do in the evening?

My week-day(2)

   My week-days didn't differ much one from another. I went to school six days a week. That's why, I had to wake up at 7 o'clock every morning. Sometimes I wanted to stay in bed for some more time but my mother always insisted on my getting up. I put on my bathrobe and slippers and unwillingly went to the bathroom. A cold shower made me feel not so sleepy, then I dried myself on a towel and hurried to the bedroom. I switched on a TV-set, it was just the time for a cartoon. You may ask me why I didn't do my morning exercises. From time to time, when I saw smiling slim girls on TV briskly doing their exercises to music, I swore I should get up earlier and do my morning exercises every day, but it didn't last long and soon 1 forgot about it. Then I did my bed, dressed myself and had my breakfast. At a quarter to eight I rushed to school, it usually took me 10 minutes to get there. My classes began at 8 o'clock, and every day I had seven or eight lessons. At 3 o'clock the classes were over, and I went home. After dinner, I did some work about the house (washed dishes, swept the floor, went shopping) and sat down to my lessons. I spent a great deal of time on them. At 8 o'clock all my textbooks and notebooks were put into a bag, and I could watch TV or read a book, look through papers and magazines. Sometimes, when my friend called for me we went for a walk. At eleven o'clock, tired after a long working day, I went to bed and in some minutes fell asleep.
 1. When did you have to wake up when you went to school?
 2. When did you go to the bathroom?
 3. When did you hurry to your bedroom?
 4. When did you swear you would do your morning exercises?
 5. At what time did you rush to school?
 6. How many lessons did you have every day?
 7. Did you do some work about the house?
 8. What work did you do about the house?
 9. What did you do in the evening?
 10. When did you go to bed?
 11. Did you fall asleep at once? Why?

My week-day(3)

   I am very busy on my week-days. My week-days do not differ much one from another. On week-days my working day begins early in the morning. My school starts at 8 o'clock, so I have to get up at 7, to be ready in time. I never wake up myself, my mother always wakes me up. Sometimes I do my morning exercises, then I rush to the bathroom. I clean my teeth, wash my face. The cold water makes me feel not so sleepy. Then I go back to my room, make the bed. I switch on my radio, usually I listen to radio. I put on my clothes, comb my hair, put a little make-ups. By that time my breakfast is ready (my mother cooks it for me). At a quarter to eight I grab my bag and rush to my school. My school starts at 8 o'clock and I don't like to be late. Usually I have six or seven lessons a day, it lasts till 3 o'clock. After each lesson there is a break, so I can talk to my friends or eat my sandwich. When school is over I go home. First of all I need to walk my dog. Then I have my dinner and a little rest. The teachers give us a lot of homework, so I start doing it about 16.30 or 17.00. As a rule it takes me two or three hours to do my home assignments. My parents get home about six o'clock. We watch soapopera on TV, have supper together. We share all the news, I tell about the lessons and school. After it, I help my mother to do some work about the house — wash dishes, sweep the floor, clean the room. Twice a week in evenings I go play tennis. When I do not go to play tennis, I stay home and watch TV, listen to the music, read magazines. Sometimes my friends call me and we go for a walk. At eleven o'clock tired after a long working day I go to bed and fall asleep.
 1. What time do you get up on your week-days?
 2. Do you usually do your morning exercises?
 3. Who cooks your breakfast?
 4. What time do you leave your house to go to school?
 5. How many lessons do you have a day?
 6. Do you usually do your homework?
 7. What do you do in the evening?
 8. What time do you go to bed?

My week-day(4)

   As soon as I wake up I open the bedroom window and breathe in some fresh air. Then I go to have a shower. I start with a warm shower and then I turn the water onto cold and for a few seconds I have a really cold shower and let the water run over me. It really wakes you up. After that I do a few exercises. I think it's really important to do this, because it makes your body feel good and keep the muscles firm. I usually exercise my stomach muscles and my leg muscles. Then I go and have my breakfast. I really believe that it's important to have a really good breakfast. I don't think you should just have a cup of tea, like most of the girls do. Anyway, I have orange juice, an egg and some biscuits. After breakfast I go to work. I work as a model, so I like my job, because it's very interesting and I travel a lot. I usually go to work by taxi. It's starts at about 10 o'clock. I work for about 5 hours with the photographer and he takes a Lot of pictures. Such pictures are used in women's weekly magazines. I finish work about four, so you can see that I only work from about 10 till 4 and then I go home. At home I have a bath, change my clothes and watch TV. Every night I usually go out. I can't cook very well, so I like to eat out. Well, you can see that I have a good life and I have a good wages when you think about the number of hours I work.
 1. When do you get up?
 2. What do you have for breakfast?
 3. At what time do you start to work?
 4. What do you do at night?
 5. Do you like to eat out?